Christmas Calories

X’mas & New Years is the time for retrospection.Usually resolutions that I break massively outnumber the ones that survive & 2011 was no different. 

Case in point : 2 resolutions which were pretty much at logger heads with each other the entire year .

One - Whatever it may be I’m going to be(or at least pretend to be ) happy –so bring on the friends, the wine , the fun and good food. 

Two - Lose extra  pounds to fit into the LBD I chanced upon last year. 

And I don't have to tell you guys that which one survived :-)

Now that the damage was done, I decided to welcome this long Xmas weekend with some connoisseurs of food at my place . Was prepared to spend a tense weekend ,where I knew every bit of my dish was to be scrutinised for extra spice, over/under cooking, size of the cut dry fruits or the presentation of each dish on the table. However I think I played smart and placed the ball firmly in their court by making them the mentors.The experience was quite rewarding for we produced this 
Chicken Tikka

and this 

                                                                                   Chocolate cake, Custard 
Buuurrrp.... It was an X'mas well spent , the LBD can wait. 

But what I did not eat this entire year were my nails :-).So that's one resolution still standing