On a Naughty Sunday ...

There are days when I tell my husband  that "I'm feeling Intelligent today"..Did it sound funny to you or has that ever happened to you as well...Do lemme know for I''ll feel comforted that I'm not as weird as I think I am .
I know it sounds stupid but these are days when I pick up one of a high funda novel , try to read about whats going on in world politically..  Not my cup of tea on a normal day :-)

Well, today wasn't one of those days but one which is just the opposite.Some times I do take  inspiration in a funny way which allows me to go back few years or months of my life..Got hold of  a black skirt gifted to me by one of my closest - Mausi. She has been an inspiration for pretty much everything .But as the mood demanded naughtiness so I ended up teaming it with some floral girls top & had my bit of fun 


  1. though u look good in that dress, u hav that talent for writing and,u r wasting ur time with dresses and looks.common u can b good in cerebral writing,which u should take up quite seriously

  2. Appa :Thanks for the compliments but cerebral writing will have to wait for the day when I again feel intelligent again :-)

  3. ur blog is as pretty as ur pic..good work..keep going...

  4. Love ur dress! And ur smile! Even if u turn this to a fashion blog, It would be chic!

  5. Meenz M: thanks

    Swati : Thanks. the tomboy that I have been all my life any traces of chic will be job done for me:-)


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