Pahadon wali...Lady from the Mountains

When I started writing this article I thought I’ll introduce you to an un explored yet calm and serene  part of India , to the place where I belong, Garhwal.. It turns out that I myself need to do a bit of exploring first, so let me hold on to that for some time.

Never have been much fan of Garhwali songs other than when they are played at marriage ceremonies perhaps where we can derive the pleasure of watching our oldies dance, only when you play these tunes , for they not understand  who is Pappu and why he can’t dance.. All garhwalis can dance. Period.

My fav Garhwali song- Bedu Paako Baarah Maasa - You can find many versions of this ...however I thought the one with dance should probably be the best.

 The famous Coco Cola Advt-pahadi -had Aamir khan as Pahadi but many confused it for a Nepali perhaps. Watch it one more time & this time  you’ ll know the connection. Glad that Aamir picked up the tune quite well.

Although you may not spot me with one (look at the snap and you shall understand the practical issues J )   however one  Garhwali thing which I simply adore is the Nose Pin.  Its considered highly sacred ( marriage symbol) , Status symbol and of course a fashion statement

Source- Wikipedia 

There have been quite few other girls/ladies who absolutely carry this fashion accessory with panache, one definitely being Sania Mirza .On that note lemme give it a thought if I would be able to pull it off without probably being a BTM.  

Till then you guys as well run your creative minds for how it can be made easy to handle fashion accessory.. 

Cheerios till then  


  1. u r really good,not on those nose pins,but ur style.shyam could hav got a better one from garhwall,one with original nose pins.

  2. Dont forget aishwarya in jodha-akbar, madhu bala in mughale-e-azam!

  3. Thanks all,

    Yeah Swati but then these are still old fashioned. We need something to mix with modern western attires..


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