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A day well started.. and well ended as well I guess for today I'm not preparing the dinner :-) 
It appears that a certain Mr Narendra Modi caused quite an uproar in the political circles by not accepting a scarf-skullcap. Only if he knew how it can be used.. Narendra ji , please pass it over to us and we shall gladly accept it.  I'm happy that  now I  know  that one of these types is called Keffiyeh 

In the western circles I do find the local papers beaming with news & photographs of well dressed female politicians.. however when I googled for Indians for the same I was disappointed to find none. The first name that  would come across instantly may be Priyanka but then she isn't a politiçian in a true sense ,isn't it and I would rather keep actresses-turned-politicians out of this list for it wont be fair for others... what say ???.. lemme know what do you guys think... whose style is worth digging for.. you never know one of you may just turn a politician some day and  take some inspirations from this blog.


  1. I like agatha singma - the north east and of couse, priya dutt. You cannot miss sushma swaraj's elegant sarees and nit to deny mayawti's fadhion statement- her bags;)

  2. what about sonia ji , my favourite? or mamata for that matter.my AMMA jaya also can dress a little better,our speaker,s smile s her charm,lso our president ji in fighter dress in mig,what a sight?the saffron beauty uma bharti?

  3. Well if you compare to Michelle Obama or Mrs Clinton I dont think sonia or sushma stand a chance.For that matter sometimes I think that Sonia can fair far better but the Indians that we are will not let her go beyond Plain Saris.

  4. Vasundhra Raje...she has been seen walking the ramp on few ocassions...and Renuka Choudhary can also be considered.


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