I'm having a good time

One thing that can drive you crazy in the vibrant & bustling city like London is undoubtedly the WEATHER. They say that if you don’t like it then “Just wait for an hour”.  The depression these 4-5   months of winter can cause is beyond comprehension of the souls from tropicals. How it feels to be trapped in those 4 walls of the house or the office or the car, 24 hrs a day, was an unknown emotion to me.

But you can’t deny that you start appreciating the rays of Sun, the sweat, the pleasure of walking, ditching your movie in a Cinema theatre for a day in lush green garden or shopping in a mall to playing with kids in a park. How badly you wait for such a weekend to arrive when you can just break free.

Euphoric – was I when finally I was able to do all the above. I decided to unleash the trapped energy  and head out for some real good time singing along Queen’s-

Don't stop me now (Yes I'm having a good time)
I don't want to stop at all 

What better colour to wear than an orange for we know that future is Bright? Orange is genial, optimistic, humorous and very social . Are you feeling this as much as I am? Would love to hear your thoughts!!!


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