I hate you like I love you

I hate Facebook as much I love it. Not that I’m one of those complaining about how much time I end up spending  on it, cause I really  enjoy whatever I do but NEVER EVER have I felt so much under pressure.. Why today! It is this process of decision making which annoys me the most.

All this becomes even more relevant when talks about Facebook timeline is impacting millions who joined as irresponsible teenagers & will be unfortunately judged in their office circles now. I’m glad that facebook didn’t make any entry in India when we were teenagers. For that matter we should be thankful to be an Indian for we can never be guinea pigs when it comes to Technology .Only the tried & tested &  recommended review is made available to us. The decision making creates such a paranoia, for you know that whatever you write or say can be held against you. I sympathise with these poor celebrities .One moment of stardom  & woosh ... you turn into a pressure tight container which does burst once in a while which is again renamed publicity stunt.  

During the initial ragging period in college I ended up being called “Miss Hygenic “ for I dared to ask my  super seniors  if the sweets they were offering me was Hygienic & you can imagine my next few days after that. So, in nut shell if I can do something as bizarre as that in real life then there’s no stopping  for people like me on social networking. FB should add on feature “Do you really wanna post this comment ?" & some additional settings for people like me, after the first ENTER  “you did goof up last time so do you really REALLY want to post this comment”. Similarly before you post a photo FB should suggest whether you are looking too fat or thin, rating of yourself on a looking-smarto-meter or a looking-fool-meter & then a warning  “ I have given you enough hints ! you still wanna post this snap  ??” For technical solutions I’ll let FB  guys apply their brains. C’mon you aren’t millionaires for nothing. Do some work....

Guess this love-hate relation with FB will live forever & ever till some Mr Zuckerberg Part2 gets his heart broken by his girlfriend .Till then Let me love you like I hate you.....


  1. And i am glad the 'smart phones ' n ' mms phones' too hadnt made an entry to add to our already peaked harrassment

  2. So true...I remember with those paid cellphones itself there was so much non sense happening..


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