Lunch with God

Came across this absurd board at the Luton Mall. Ignore what’s written below on the board(barring the Red line). Will only make you sad.. :-)

But seriously think about it.. What  would you do if you really are invited for “Lunch with God”
What  would be your first thoughts ??

Would you  ponder over what the menu would be like or would you just jump like a child for an opportunity to take his autograph or photograph

Would you thank him for  your existence on this earth  or curse him for sending you to Mrityulok.

Would you narrate the best possible stories  that have happened to you till now or the worst experiences

Would you care  if it’s a he or she  or what he/she is wearing ? A white n white from Bruce Almighty or a shiny blue sari from Jai Santoshi Maa

Would you  try  and talk about only you or a bit of world peace & poor people as well

Would you make him listen to your wishes or bother to listen to his as well

Would you ask him what his religion was & which part of the world did he normally stay in ?

Would you be excited to know if all they said about Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible was really true  or just a creativity of some bright mind

Would you want him to change your past or make your future better

I think my  list of Would-You’s will go and on…. Perhaps my date with him is going to take some while by when I would have already  figured out answers to all these questions ..

Would I ???


  1. u r venturing in to unchartered territories.nice attempt.keep the guns blazing.


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