The Mane Story

Creativity or Inspiration can be found just about everywhere.. I decide to bring all creative stuff to my blog in whichever manner possible.

Never had the privilege to own such long locks but this wouldn’t have crossed my mind. As I long for something which I probably never even would have (thanks to my lazy genes) some lazy thoughts...

The elegance of this tail is worth a tale
Drops of Gold separated by bands
Every strand of hair wishes to reach out till the end
Flit & float with her bottom, waving 2 hands

I entered the cafe & requested my coffee
“Yes Madame!” she said, and took a round turn
That’s when my eyes twinkled with Joy
For this was something I had always yearned

Mustered up the courage for this challenge was new,
Had to speak in soft voice and you know guys
Such moments have been very few

Obliged I was by this pretty girl
She had accepted my request
She turned yet again, but for ME this time
The photograph was taken, smiles exchanged,
My big conquest