It literally means  - A twinkle in my father's eye

I’m quite serious – I’ve heard Jimmy enough & this is what she has to say all the time. I know SHE...When she was brought home back in 2001, her father i.e. my father, well all the same, didn’t realise it was ‘She’ so it was Jimmy.but then that’s the speciality of noun!!Something like story of “Chinti” who was so named cause her family, when she was still in her mother’s womb, instead of calling her by a weird family name like Beti B preferred a nick name Chintu. I’m sure you can make the rest what would have happened post birth. “Laxmi”, “Soumya “, did give high hopes to few of my male friends. One of the BBC article featured a story about list of banned names. Absurd it may sound or whatever be the validity of the claimed reason but every parent should have a right to name their kid whatever they like. Isn’t it???

Jimmy has not only been an obedient daughter but a congenial sister, playful cousin & mysterious foe. She has a method to  her display of affection  which  will enlighten your mornings marred by nightmares .Her wagging tail has become synonymous to love .I wished even I could just wag my tail for its  binary i.e. either 0 or 1 . Compare it to the arduous task of decision making & choose amongst so many permutations & combinations of words.
Making sure it is not only pleasing to ears but also just the right amount of love & affection shown, for you don’t want your love to be taken for granted. Making sure that it doesn’t give a feeling of being overdone but also not hurting or giving a chance to be hurt in future in any possible way. See I again started with the possibilities... Irfan kamaal possibly has put it in best words “Jo bhi mai kehna chahoo barbaad kare alfaaz mere”

Has she ever made me feel jealous.. Oh yeah !!! several times. She is the one whom dad thinks about even when  he is having dinner  in the poshest restaurant  making sure that he packs enough bones & left over chicken pieces. For whom my husband buys dog food treats when he is  returning from a business  trip abroad, my mom decides to cancel her vacation for she can’t bear the thought of leaving jimmy alone with some other family even for 2 days.
But just by being around jimmy has much more endearing effects which just  washes away any negativity  .

You can talk to her as if there were no secrets,
Cuddle her as if it was your unborn child,
Jump around her as if you were still sweet 16
Fake emotions strong or mild

I had started writing this article quite some time back but it probably was cornered in my laptop  somewhere until  yesterday when I happened to see Satyamev Jayate( another feat  from Aamir Khan) where Jimmy the Dog helped one of the child get through his toughest times during child sex abuse. Even the latest winner of BGT ( Ashley & Pudsey ) set another brilliant example for what this lovely relation can achieve



  1. nice attempt.but,pets and offprings can never be compared;pets can never hurt u like ur progeny;pets r always in a win-win situation

  2. Precisely, thats why she is more of a twinkle of fathers eyes;)


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