Bournemouth and the country side.

Definitely of all the landscapes the one that I enjoy most is a Beach- sandy, sunny with a vast expanded horizon which calms you eliminating all the negativity, the sound of the ocean waves -soothing you from deep inside, lashes of these waves gently massaging you as if to say everything will be alright.Now that I'm In UK, one of such beaches that I particularly enjoy is Bournemouth- a large coastal Resort Town the county of Dorset, England.Being within an easy access from London its no surprise that the town & thus the beach has grown commercially as well but the sheer beauty of the beach & the possibility of finding spots-as-per-your-mood makes it much more special for me. 

All the photographs here might not do the justice to the beauty of this place but choose a warm sunny day , hang on to some friends or family and this cant get better..

Entrance to the Commercial side of the Beach

Commercial Coastline

B'mouth Pier has like other UK piers much to often to all ages of tourists.The various kind of boat rides option provided as well is one of the  other charms. Of course if you are a millionaire you can have your own speed boats and luxury boats talking away to the shiny waters. 

Public tour Boat 

Mr Millionaire & his speed Boat

Mr Multi-millionaire with family
Private Bungalows by the Coast 

Another popular culture for tourists is to either sit by hotel side & enjoy the gourmet, set up their own tents & soak up the sun, surf on surfing boards  or just plain swim . Of course on both the occasions that I have been here I have made sure that I use all available resources.

Hotel Patio 

View from Hotel Pool side
Sister city to Bournemouth is Poole which provides country side views , the Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site which is England's first natural World Heritage Site - known as The Jurassic Coast.  

Not a  big fan of visiting castles however the walk in the meadows did lure me to have a look at Corfe Castle ruins. A pleasant sunny day in UK- you cant ask for more. Its not surprising that why Brits are the biggest fans of weather conversations.

On way to Corfe Castle

Lulworth Cove is another attraction for being finest example of Landform. Though it might not give you the serenity of the sea however just observing the movements of small fishermen boat in & out the cove puts you  in trance & buries away any unwanted thoughts.

Lulworth Cove

This was certain gentleman who by the side of  Cove was busy painting shells with lovely  poems and messages for your loved ones.  Was worth spending few bucks .. 

Another natural beauty is the Durdledoor - started of being a hole in limestone somewhere but today possibly counted as a natural wonder.

Durdle Door
I long to be back to this place again . Let see when..!!!Till then Cheerios...