Je to ab manne bhi pata hai

The famous though copied line of Son Of Sardar “Teri ma di , teri pen di yeh to duniya ko humne sikhayi, is kolaveri di ki baari to baad mai aayi ‘ might have got some of you roar with laughter or some restraining themselves with a smirk but to a girl who would have spent considerable time in her youth living in North India (especially if hadn’t done so already)  the importance of ability to understand these dialogues is what got me pondering over this subject . When I say above then I especially vouch for the south Indian girls who were fortunate enough to study in a north Indian college(pun intended).

What are we talking about here ??? Well I’m talking about the mother and sister gallis (cuss words/abuses)that you hear(and of course other nasty things that come along) with as much ease in north India as a recitation of Twinkle Twinkle by 2 year old toddler  Was it a horrendous experience ? Very  frankly -YES. Brought up in a clean environment of  “Ma’am- after- you” kind of gentleman guys  & polished ladies  you don’t realize for long what an admission to a North Indian college can bring along.  Few days in & the graffiti on the walls taught you things which even a 12th class biology book was shy to. Growth of the fear while walking alone on any deserted street which heightens especially in winters or while sitting in a 6-seater auto, cramped with local goons, groping you all over where all you could possibly do is just keep shifting around your positions.

While I’m not trying to scare you here cause that has perhaps become the way of life everywhere but I strongly am advising here to accept it & better learn it rather than just shying away from this for the fear of it categorising you as cheap girl. On a lighter side you would understand these stupid SoS dialogues now , Anurag Kashyap movies will appeal much more to you , you’ll enjoy Cricket (if you hadn’t previously) for you can now understand the monkey story of India vs Australia match

But seriously (from my experience of change noticed on petite girls of College) you become stronger when it comes to giving a stare, complaining to near by passengers, raising alarm when  one of the same guys from above showed even the slightest nasty intention. If required retaliate with same language if that is all it takes to scare him.
When you walk on those streets now you know how much precautions to take or alertness to show cause “Yeh sab to ab tanne bhi pata hai”

PS: If I could make it "A" certified post I would cause the intention here is not to give gyaan to poor kids but for adults to be aware & self protect rather than flaunt your vocabulory of gaalis to enjoy with or impress your frens( I know for guys jitni gaali utna badhiya fren )