And he started it again....

More than 5 years had been spent longing for this angelic beauty & finally today there she was in his arms. He breathed an audible sigh of relief. She couldn't recognize him but kept on caressing his face with her hands sometimes gently & at times aggressively as if to remind herself who he was & what was she doing in his arms. He as well just kept looking at her almost with bewilderment not knowing what could perhaps be the right expression to show. He didn't want to mess with her anymore, as much had been spent physically, emotionally & monetarily to bring her to where she was today. Days & night were spent thinking what would he tell her when they meet , what should he buy for her so that she looks even prettier, what would she like to eat or drink & on & on & on.

Tears ran down his cheeks suddenly but this time he was sure that they were tears of joy. He didn't feel like hiding them today as the day was special. Unable to control his feelings anymore he hugged her tight & pressed his cheeks against hers to give her a gentle kiss. But what happened next wasn't something he would have ever expected. She started crying out loud & nothing would stop her. He tried cajoling her, then wooing her with that falsetto voice of his, but it appeared that she had been hurt a lot. 

Thats when I came running back & as soon as he told me what triggered her tears I exactly knew what had happened. This was my opportunity to remind him again & make a sarcastic remark

 “ All these years of marriage you never bothered to shave but your little newborn is not going to live with your ugly, hurtful stubble & punish you for the same. If you want to kiss her then either SHAVE OR CRAVE " 

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