Anniversary Blog & a new discovery

Wasn’t too long ago that I suddenly decided to click some random snaps & post it online and there was the creation of my first BLOG. Couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when I figured out that it has been a year now . A commendable feat for myself, so a pat on my back :-) 

Anniversary Blog has to be something special & hence decided to write about a recent discovery about myself. Few days back going through some of my old pics I realised that I might not be a vehement proponent of animal rights or love for them however I do have an affinity towards the non human creature.Any trip of mine with animals around seemed incomplete without a click with them. This list below misses out on quite a few more however this collection itself brings the nostalgia towards an inclination unknown. For some reasons the 4 legged ones haven’t been made inclusive in the human society as much as they should have been .With a tinge of sadness they have been taken out of our life’s experiences, perhaps that being the reason for my affinity.

Starting with darling Jimmy, whom you have already read about here. To reiterate the warm feelings just being her side. 

You can talk to her as if there were no secrets,
Cuddle her as if it was your unborn child,
Jump around her as if you were still sweet 16
Fake emotions strong or mild

And his elderly friend Mr Browny whom we  met in Wales.Recently met another one here who was much bigger than Mr Browny but unfortunately didn’t have any camera handy.

The photograph below was clicked near Alibagh beach (Maharashtra ) where the poor horse was made to carry loads of passengers just for a joy ride, needless to say bringing him agony & pain.All you could do is just sympathise .... 

In contrast look at his friend from Wales hale & hearty who was as curiously looking at me as I was. Loved him posing for the snap & hence the much deserved Pat

A Yak in Himachal Pradesh  & its closeness to the Hamish from Scottish highlands. Horns on both did deter me from going any closer & posing :-) 

Pigeons – London and Venice

These 2 legged ones are quite rude & scary , if you remember Hitchcocks The_Birds 

But they have time & again provided me much pleasurable experiences... Either you can become yourself a child & run around with them or just  let others do so & you could just sit & enjoy..



These lovely cows & sheep were at a  Farmhouse we stayed over in South Wales.They might have been living a lavish life as compared to the ones in India but I guess their fate was not as worthy as its here.

Last but not the least is this lovely lamb from Himachal who brought out maternal instincts.At least so people say..

With a desire to Visit Africa & some other National Parks around the world I look forward to posting more snaps every year..Fingers crossed ..Till next time cheerios...


  1. hats off to u for the award. though i don't hav anything to say about the blog,lemme say ,brilliantly conceived idea ,ably supported by carry on the good work

  2. by the way ,dear, what is this bio 'gadda' award'. anything to do with crazy gaddhaas for that matter!but this collections hav no fotos of the same

  3. This award is for the entire blog and not just single blog... its adda meaning a gang


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