I once dreamed about ....

I once dreamed about
A Family who would believe in me & in whatever I pursued
A carefree childhood free of any responsibilities
A school, teacher & classmates who would nurture me & my skills
A College & a degree which would allow me to make myself useful taking care of people
A job which would allow me to visit new places & earn myself bucks to make me financially independent
A circle of friends who would be part of life in good & bad times
Celebrations, festivities or evenings of fun & frolic with friends
All this and much more was what I had achieved till now but what would follow wasn’t even in my nightmares
An evening turning drastically painful for me &my friend by set of hooligans who called themselves human
A country incapable of punishing those who could perpetrate such heinous crimes
A set of politicians using me as agenda to promote their political careers
Weeping eyes of my parents who not know how to face the world 
Me standing next to my dead body only hoping that at least this would bring justice to me and other girls who have had, who are and who could undergo such barbaric situations
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  1. Good one!!! You need to read my story on the same subject on my blog and see the similarity. I wrote the story earlier but posted a couple of months back only....:)


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