To make it straight

It feels weird to be born different. A black amongst all whites, short amongst tall, Fat amongst thin and vice versa.I think I was as well suffering from such a feeling-weird syndrome that even after much self explanations throughout my life I always longed to have straight hair since all my aunts & cousins around had so as compared to my wavy ones. In pursuit of realisation of my dreams  to have one ,I as greedy human being embarked on the journey where time & again I have come up with crazy ideas.
You might have even observed this obsession in my previous post Mane story

Age 5-10
The story starts right from my childhood days when I had a complete belief that wet hair is what can make my hair straight. I would try & keep my wet hair straight for as long as I could thinking that possibly it’ll remain so even after drying up… Since you are much more optimistic as a child so it must have taken me at least 50 odd attempts to realise that Boss!! It doesn’t work this way (of course these looks were repeated with various brands of shampoos available)

Age 11-15
Come the teenage age (around 1990s) when  you start getting the  gyaan of applying egg, beer, Gram flour etc, try keeping them straight , again for as long as possible with the same old principle but this time it took me only 10 attempts for above realisation. Being a science student, motivated by your teachers for experimentation your brain tends to think in direction of gravity & that’s when I decided to clip on some heavy stuff as well to already wet hair .Fortunately the eggs & beer had made the hair strong enough to not just break through but wavy they were as they had been :-(

Age 16-20
Next 5-6 years & I had gathered enough pocket money to visit parlours where I realised that perhaps it’s the blower which will do the trick. Since going to parlour everyday isn’t an option so I bought myself a blower & started on a journey of painfully spending many hours everyday on straightening the hair which as you can foresee would fall off as soon as touched upon by another entity like pillow, water or hands .The above experiments were intermittently filled with  sometimes waking up with a pain in some part of body as I would have restricted my movements just to keep that hair straight, picking up fights with sibling or friend who would just accidentally  touch my hair do , once in a while blaming Mom for possibly not eating well enough  during pregnancy to get me straight hair as her or her sisters :-)

Age 21-22
By this time I had started earning and I had my first L’Oreal permanent straightening wish come true. I had straight hair the way I wanted..I loved it & the compliments that came flowing with it. BUT… as the  disclaimer was put before the service that it was  going to last  only a year… was back to wavy hair but this time around with knowledge of some lotions & iron being used to straighten the hair . Did I somewhere mention crazy , well that’s what I did when a friend of mine came up with idea of using the regular iron(clothing one) . A moderate 30-40 % success rate increased our use of same till one day when we eventually realised that we  might have lost the sheen of our hair in process.
Thus came the end of my experimentation for straight hair .

Even though I have  convinced myself that it’s the wavy hair that suits me , my eyes do twinkle & my ears do become wide open on seeing or hearing the word hair-straighteners. I would pray for all the scientists in the world to get a noble prize who could come up with easy solution of straight hair. Amen !!

Or did Sunsilk just  claim to be that one…Lemme just get back after trying this one as well 

PS: This post has been submitted as part of IndiBlog Sunsilk straight hair contest


  1. My wife would love this post..btw hod did you manage to get hold of beer @11-15 :-)

    1. Ha ha .. defence background counts sir....


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