My Teenage Hiccups- Part 1

1990's was the time when kids like us were trying to catch up on English music. The number of English songs you knew heightened your status in your own silly kid’s society.I will not lie & accept that I too have been a victim of such rat race. However given that we didn't have any internet in those days, no YouTube to explore  or incessant downloading techniques as available to today’s kids this information was solely  dependent on exchange of cassettes, exchange of lyrics , which  you  would  write down after listening to the song many many times on your headphones. Not that this was a fool proof solution as it still puts a little smile on my face when this friend noted the lyrics as “Beat my lover” instead of “Be my Lover-La Bouche":-).
Few other techniques my friends used
1) Buy a cassette, which you like, as gift  for someone’s birthday & then just  queue up shamelessly so that  you could record the same
2) Ask your friends to rather gift  you directly music cassettes
3) Make friends with a chick girl who has a queue of these rich brat boys ready to do anything for her including buying her songs as & when she would demand
4)  If you were lucky to have 1-2 of such  brats accepting your requests then make use of the same
5)  Keep rewriting your old Hindi cassettes or Moms Bhajan cassettes till they give up
Now that the job of knowing the songs was done the next was to flaunt it. What better than the numerous birthday parties that we had. Looking back I can’t  believe that the most crucial year of my academics was  spent attending at least one birthday  party every month ,added on by regular Saturday Tambola nights, New Years, Christmas. Glad that I passed that phase successfully without falling into a rut.
One of the earliest songs which caught my attention & still remains today one of my favourites is the The look song by  Roxette which I instantly caught my fancy when I heard it on the Lakme Advert featuring Aishwarya ( I still remember the Hindi lyrics of the same as well ) . The romantic ballads still give me the hiccups as they did years back. Today this hiccup started when I chanced upon it & hence the blog to let you guys as well have a taste of it. Enjoy the songs till I get back with some more such crazy memories. 


  1. Hi ...

    During my teenage days ( during the mid 21st century), I could remember using the same techniques you did to enjoy the music. Your 1990s are similar to the mid 21st century here in India!!!

    The way you recollected your memories into writings is appreciable..:)

    Do visit my blog


  2. haha..Thats nice.. I would have thought you could have added few more ways..Thanks for the compliments ...


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