I know !! only you can explain

Dear Indu,
Glad that you got time to read my letter. I hope you are done with your washing, cleaning, dusting, cooking and of course eating and what about the compulsory exercise. Did you skip it today as well? Did I not tell you that you are venturing into the territory of the brave and though I did doubt your bravery initially but looks like you are doing quite well .Uhmm!!Hold on, this is not yet an appreciation but yeah you can treat it as initial moral booster. Motherhood test has lots of rounds mind u.!!l

Before I again start ranting some words of wisdom for you :-)

Today something else urged me to write to you. Yeah I know I could have messaged you but I know you like it this way & anyways it’s about Mr X. How I bored you with his stories on that rotten narrow-enough-to-make-us-cosier hostel bed. Today lying on this mattress by my open window (unlike feat in London), cool breeze has thrown me back in time when Mr X was actually a reality & not just a mere thought. Even though I must have asked you a million times but really was it just me or all girls at that age are really so stupid to believe that a smart guy can fall for a chubby fatty girl, believe that the half an hour in the gym is reducing like at least half kg weight per day or that carrot stick in dinner is good enough to compensate the ice-cream you had post a 3 chapatti and 2 cups rice meal at lunch. My dilemma still remains the same today as I’m still an overweight (let me not quantify over)chubby girl. Only yes with better qualification & mostly a confident person in perspective of many when may be it’s just an image projection. Who knows! Not even me...  

Mr X gave me the confidence when he would pull a chair especially for me, courteously bring me a glass of drink or drop me back home post party just to probably take a walk with me .But again raised umpteen doubts, what if he is gentleman enough with all girls anyways, what if he was just sympathising with me for lack of any other gentleman in the group, what if the walk was just an excuse to leave the boring party early. These things have haunted me for long and I’m missing your consoling shoulder to explain me once again WHY I should not feel so..

Looking forward to a response from you soon.
Your best Friend 


  1. hey , u r turning pucca professional. keep it up.


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