Just an Average

In academics life is more challenging for the people always in top 10 but not the top 3. Most appreciated by class teachers but not by principal cause he only gives away prizes to top 3. Why so, because you always are fighting to get into a rat race just to be in top 3 without even understanding why or why not that Top 3 matters. If you aren’t the super geek who is always on the lookout for a new invention then I believe that you were probably better off not trying to be in that top 10 as well but rather doing something more relevant or to your liking(*). You know it that you are probably just an Average .

What’s the problem in being average – its expectations? PARENTS expecting that now that child has managed this he/she will make it to some good engineering college which of course will convert to a good job. YOU expect that you will definitely now make it to IIT but end up compromising .And this vicious circle of expectation & compromises goes on & on until one day you realise that actually this expectation had always suppressed your wishes .It never let it run through your mind, rather they don’t let them wander anywhere close by as well. The Wish just remained as a hobby somewhere.

What I have observed is that once there is no expectation the child does stumble but eventually makes it big in the field of his choice. Not that I’m challenging the academics here but that is not everything. Coming from a not so rich country like India I agree that you need to have your secured sources of earning daily bread but I think we have grown so much today that at  least  the younger generation should be allowed or rather urged to take risks .

By now if you were thinking that I was criticising to be an average just take a moment & realise that it’s the averages that can take these risks, can try various things before finalising on what they actually want to do and even if they don’t end up doing what they like they die with feeling of satisfaction and of course they definitely end up earning the bread (sorry cakes) cause they have always known that they can.

*  – This is if you were doing something other important and not just gedi maaroing.