Let’s do the Singam dance

What’s the best way to enjoy a monsoony day rather night in Kerala? It’s by watching some hard core commercial masala mix Tamil padam aka movie in a local single screen cinema. It’s not just the movie but the accompaniments that come along…  the loud claps , over the  top whistles, maddening crowd, lame comments ,ladies line for tickets and thus your new found privileges, fryums , kappa & banana chips served with some not so hot filter coffee.  

Looking forward to all the above thus we ventured 20 mins further south to watch Suryas Singam Part 2 in Shornur. The chaotic scenes outside the theatre upped my spirits as I was really looking forward to a houseful theatre which I have rarely seen in London. Going by the number of cars & bikes parked it was becoming evident that this masala flick had already become a massive hit with masses. Talk about taking pride in being a woman, this is one of the places where the guys literally go on their knees to get them the tickets from the humanly ladies line. You have to watch theatre opening scene from Superman of Malegaon to understand what I mean by humanly.  

The theatre surprisingly fared better than my expectations. The seats were torn but at least you could sit comfortably. Fans were working in all senses. Some providing the much required air and others further boosting my anxiety for the movie. The movie as well turned out to be a roller coaster ride. One moment it was an emotional mom trying to path father-son relation & the next cut you were doing the Singam dance. Unable to understand much of the dialogues I still could see the on screen fun translate to madness in the theatre though all it screamed was “please leave your brains at home, they are much needed there “

By half time though the  story seem to just  go round & round, the songs seem to be forcefully patched in , the villains confusing each other & actresses unable to decide why they decided to act in the movie. The movie had it all  - Love triangles, Girl-next-door-look  heroine & the  voluptuous one, Foreign villain and locations, villain pretending to be good socialite & bad villain picked from bollywood (whose Tamil must be just  worse than mine). We decided to alight and go home sweet home, but to dismay the car was stuck in the parking lot amongst the same vehicles whom I was excited to see 2 hrs back. With not many options we decided to return to the theatre. Once breathing normally fresh air outside I didn’t dare to go inside the theatre, however an experience you can get only in India I  watched rest of the movie from the Neelkamal plastic chair kept in balcony. Only one thing that gave me respite throughout the movie was Surya.So hail to thalpati again and if u can ,then do the Singam dance