A Royal day at Ascot

When your husband  gives you only one day a year to make you feel special, no prize for guessing a birthday , my imagination runs really in all possible directions to make the best use of it. Only if there were no price labels attached to it ,cause you know that this one day of luxury will cost you the clothes &  bags for rest of the year . I searched through numerous  sites and reviews until I finally came across this awesome chance to be at Ascot Racecourse  ,minus the royal of course. 

The not so Royal day is as exciting perhaps for it was British summers & the ticket priced at just 25 pound per person . But the challenge  - to make sure that not only me but even hubby is formally dressed up but remember special day - and so he obliged. 
London in summers is completely mesmerizing  with colourful flowers, lush green grounds, people out and about in bright clothes , chirpy moods & the air  buzzing with endless chit chats .But for me Ascot was much more . 

 I was once again up and close with Horses, most beautiful  animals, staring you with their innocent eyes but then galloping away showing off their muscular chiseled bodies . Such a beautiful contrast is may be perhaps what makes them so enchanting. 
Ascot is  very well connected by  road and Train. A small walk from station and  there we were in front of a grand stadium. On the outside is a display ground for  the jockeys to display their  horses which is probably  quite deceiving  for novices like us. Inside the stadium is divided into ground entry & grand special seating  on the top floors. Since this  was my  first  time at the races I kept wondering for a  long time  on this typical style of seating arrangement where the more expensive seats were further away from the ground i.e on higher floors. Compare it to a cricket , tennis or football match where the nearest sats are probably more expensive.  But I learnt it the hard way with my very first race where the horses literally swoosh passed me in milliseconds. So intelligent wo(man) is the one who learns form his /her mistakes ,so there I went at the very end of ground floor and then on  the race was definitely more fun. If you ever go then make sure that you participate at least in  1 betting race. To cheer for the one chosen by  you only adds more fun and excitement to the whole thing.The bets start from as low as 2 or 3 pounds so nothing breaking your bank really. 

Ascot caters very well to the needs of families with younger kids. Being a race day there was a live band to entertain the crowd who was not perhaps so much into racing & betting  or may be after one round wanted to  chill out with  family and friends. Not a very likely feature but a dance floor was set as well and everyone seem to be making best use of it. 

I'd highly recommend Ascot race course for a fun trip out with  your friends, family or colleagues. The weather can be a catch if it rains but then so is for rest of Britain as well.  

PS:We attended Shergar cup, which  is normally in August , one of the best time to be in UK.


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