Beginners guide to Fawad khan

It was one of the dull days at office but fortunately a Friday when at least at night I could end up watching something by myself. I had been rejecting all Bollywood movies around that time but the word FAWAD FEVER was somewhere lingering in my mind and I decided to watch Khoobsoorat. As soon as I had finished watching the movie I had built a certain liking for Fawad and wanted to know more about him. That’s when wikepedia opened my doors to a whole new world of The Fawad Khan.

I started with Zindagi Gulzar Hai( Zaroon Junaid) , Humsafar (Asher Hussain) and then Dastaan( hassan ) . Believe me all of these were watched spending days in and nights out. Something in Dastaan hit me very hard when the story of India Pakistan partition was shown from a different perspective. I’m not sure and I wouldn’t like to comment on this forum if I agree or not to all of it but there I was awestruck by not only Fawad Khan but the Pakistani Drama industry. There is no stereotypical Saas-Bahu thing or the multi head-turning shocking moments. These are mostly family dramas revolving around a love story. But WHY should you watch these for Fawad khan

Because he is insanely good looking, hot & you would die a million times for that killer smile
His eyes speak thousand words. Remember the blossoming love of Ashar & Khirat on the Dining table scene.

But wait till he actually starts talking . The romantic dialogues were almost like written for him. Remember the “Chaand nazar aa raha hai” scene from ZGH or the phone conversation when he asks “ Do you love me ?”

Though Sonam may be a fashion icon but one man who easily stood up at par with her was the stylish Fawad , carrying off  both western and traditional clothes with suave & panache. He owns a fashion label in Pakistan called SILK – probably run by his Wife.


Speaking of his wife- he fell in love with his wife at 17 in a Tuition class. Finding love in the hopeless place. Can’t get any more romantic than this..

As a well-read guy,  in almost every serial that I have seen Fawad plays his characters to utmost sincerity. He oozes the boyish charm of Zaroon, the jealousy of Ashar and the guilt of Hassan .

Being a musical buff myself I wouldn’t say that he is a brilliant singer but he has what it takes to be a rocker, which he was – lead singer for entity paradigm. An ability very well used in ZGH- Be it singing songs at  college festival where almost all  girls are showing swooning or strumming guitar at leisure in his garden. 

Doing charity work for his country , throwing no tantrums as one of the biggest star , modest interviews showcase him as a humble human being

If my  blog has still not convinced  you then  may be you need my second guide to Fawad Khan .  

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