My 3 Learnings – On my way to Happiness

Jina was the only child of her parents. As close to them as she was with her husband & her 5  year old kid. Her journey  from  being a kid herself to a wife & then to a mother  demanded at every step to be selfless. She knew at every step that she is letting things go which she always wanted the most.  But every step cajoled her that its after all for the betterment of herself & her family..

Today she was disappointed with her life. She wanted to do something different. Well, finally she got this opportunity .

Jina : You know they are  coming.

Sheila : Now who ? Please I don’t want you to get busy again entertaining other people.
Jina (interrupting) Weirdo …I am talking about my favourite band Guns and Roses .They are in London and guess what I managed a ticket from
Sheila : Kewl.. But how come the ever buzeee Jina has found the time to bloody  buy a ticket as well. How about your kid ? How about  your husband’s dinner ?
Jina… Well I have thought about  it all. I’ m gonna leave  Jinny  with Chowdhary Aunty ( that’s the only  benefit of being a house wife. You can make contacts (well, with your neighbouring Aunties) J and  Aamir says he is  off for a  party ( first  time when I don’t feel bad that he is out alone for a  so called bachelor party )

This was the  first  step in Jina’s life & my  first  learning ….that  yes we can really  manage things.. I.e. if we really wanted to.

The  gig was at O2 , one of my favourite theatres in  London. Sweet child o mine, paradise city. and to my surprise show was opened by none other than our very  own Indian  band Parikrama..oh I just  loved “ But it rained…” We both were  in full swing..I wanted her  to be the same enjoying-with-carefree-attitude Jina everyday as she was  today ..I could to see a similar future for myself & not the one which she had showed me till now & probably that was what was keeping me away from getting married till now. I wanted to do something for her. May be to make me see my  future even better.

Next day  itself we applied to all the job portals in London.. More than that, foremost made arrangements of Crèche for  jinny . Aamir of course was  quite understanding..  We 3 talked about  if a new job would need a house change ? What all Jina needed to brush on before she appears for the interview. Does she need to take any training for stress management.

That was the second learning for me,. In the process of  helping her I was helping myself as well. Wasn’t I !!! From dressing to managing people. From   organizing sessions to  take care of  5  year old kid ( at times :-))

1 month of effort and finally  it materialized to our luck very  much near the place where they currently stay . She was a  happy  girl .. And me ..Yes.. I too was ..After all I wasn’t any more afraid of marriages.. and the responsibilities  there after..

Jina helped me thoroughly for my  marriage preparations.. right from the dress I need to wear for my engagement, to every meeting I had with BF ( come  on  “Yes you look great “ is required for  that confidence) 

My third learning …. Not all efforts go waste.. Newton’s third rule definitely applies here as well. I myself found the happiness which I wanted to actually give her. 


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